Welcome one and all to the new RussosBrand.com, I just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those who are visiting for the first time, so you can get a feel for me and what I’m about.


I’m a media production & moving image student, heading into my second year of University, in the United Kingdom.

In April of 2015 I stumbled across a ‘Live chat with Vince Russo’ with host JoLo, this later evolved into what became ‘The Brand Speaks’.  As Vince sat in his computer chair answering questions from all across the conversation, I sat patiently with my hand up waiting for my questions to be answered.  As soon as Vince noticed me, he immediately picked up on the closet in my bedroom and how “messy” it was.


The following several weeks literally consisted of me waiting until the early hours of the morning to get a chance to speak to the former head-writer of the WWF – my first question was simply “what advise can you give me to make it as a writer?”

The weeks continued and each week I was there, at stupid O’clock in the morning enthusiastically taking every chance I got to pick Vince’s brain.  I feel the types of questions and the way that I approached asking him earned Vince’s attention – which was all I needed.  Instead of asking him about ‘Bash at the Beach’, ‘What Vince McMahon was like in real life’ or any Jim Cornette related topic, I picked his brain.  Like a ping-pong match, each week myself and Vince would bounce our passion off of one another, until I eventually plucked up the courage to ask Vince if he could give me a bit of feedback – good or bad – on some of my writing.  Taking me completely off guard, Vince then asked me if I wanted to write for his website – the rest is history. By May 21st my first article was published.


Creating a friendship doesn’t happen over-night.  I’m not going to sit here and say how it was ‘love at first sight’.  It wasn’t until a month after my first article was published that myself and my partner lost our daughter.  Every single night I received an email from Vince, and there were certain hours, that felt like days, where I was struggling and Vince helped keep my sanity.  When you see a person for who they truly are, you really do not care about how many ‘On a Pole’ matches they are accused of.  One of the many things I learned from that experience is how to separate the man and the myth.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for our ship’s Captain, here at ‘The Brand’, and for all those who make the accusations about how he “Killed WCW” – not only is that completely false, but even if it was true, it really doesn’t matter because it doesn’t take away from the kind of man he is. I don’t blame Vince for going completely insane, out of his mind some days because he lives in a world where he is surrounded by idiots poking him with a stick just because they want to get a rise out of “The big bad Vince Russo”, so they can go tell all their jabroni friends about how they had a “massive” argument with Vince Russo.

I think if you were too, you could argue a very strong case for Vince being a creative genius. Yeah, there are some bumps in the road that is his work, but even The Beatles had the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’. I have learned a tremendous amount about pro wrestling whilst being a member of The Brand, the amount of knowledge in one single episode of ‘LTB&D’ you can absorb is ridiculous! But I’ve also learnt how to develop a story, build 3 dimensional characters and relate that to an audience.brand

I think Vince Russo’s biggest tragedy is that he got involved in the wrestling business, an industry that loves to take credit for other people’s brilliance. I  can only imagine the sheer quality of a period piece show set in the 1960s written by Vince Russo.

As for my articles – As it’s a brand new website, I am taking this opportunity to use this platform for not only pro rasslin’, but I’d like to talk about movies, television shows and games – well, just about anything!

I want to say a big congratulations to Vince and Jeff! – you guys earned this! But, most importantly a big thank you to each and every member of ‘The Brand’ that has made this possible!

I’ve been Jake Jesus and I’ll see you down the road!
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  1. Hi Jake.

    Just goes to show what hard work, dedication & staying up late can do. Congrats on working for The Brand!

    I currently run a successful wrestling inspired t-shirt company but I’m becoming disillusioned with the current state of wrestling. My aim is to sell my remaining stock and try & follow in your footsteps by writing/blogging and maybe vlogging.

    I have found solace in The Brand and I’m looking forward to being an ever present Brand member.

    If you have any advice for me, that’d be great!

    Take care,