Take this with a grain of salt until there is proof or confirmation, but Digital Foundry is reporting that Sony is developing a new version of the PlayStation 4 that will support 4K gaming.  I won’t pretend to understand the technical mumbo-jumbo detailed in the article, but it is safe to say that if this is indeed real, Sony will be selling a new console that will not yet be the PS5, but an upgraded PS4.

I’m having flashbacks of the Sega Genesis 32X.  Check out the full article on Eurogamer.net.

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  1. Im thinking it might be a graphical kinda upgrade to support sony vr this fall. That being said Im not sure we are ready for a 4.5 yet and that something like that would split the sony community down the middle. I know it would make me feel uneasy to be sure.

  2. I believe it’s supposed to be to help it support 4K TVs and to make Ps VR to run more smoothly, I doubt it’ll be a huge impact to current models.

    Nothing to worry about :), although I was going to buy a 2nd ps4 at some point, I may as well wait until these come out as I’d assume they are going to replace the older models?

  3. If Microsoft suggested doing something like this, the internet community would rioting and burning down their headquarters. I find it funny sometimes there’s a double standard. ‘Sits back with popcorn, waiting for flame war!’ 😉

    • I think it’s because they kinda did the same thing with the ps3, but first they downgraded its ability then the released a slim more stable version so the Sony casuals are kinda used to it.

      Plus I’m assuming this “upgrade” wont be major, more like when Nintendo re-released the Nintendo wii with HDMI, I believe it’s just for 4K TVs & the Virtual Reality. Although the original will still run VR it’ll just be for better quality.

      I maybe absolutely wrong, also I feel PlayStation is living up to the hype and started out on a positive where as Xboxone abandoned its core audience during E3 and promoted it as an “entertainment system” rather than a gaming machine. All in all Xbox fans are pissed atm lol

      Again all my opinion on the matter from comments I’ve been reading.