Let me first say that I’m very excited to be joining the team here at Vince Russo’s The Brand.  I’ve been an avid sports fan my entire life.  Even though I love all sports my passion is definitely baseball.  Having the opportunity to share my opinions and knowledge on the game is something I’m very thankful to Vince for giving me.

You’ll be able to hear my thoughts of the great game every Tuesday and Friday with Vince on Who’s on First.  Vince and I will discuss what’s going on in baseball, as well as trying to help you get that elusive championship you’ve been chasing in your fantasy baseball league.

I’ll also be dropping blogs on the great game from time to time.  For my first column, I decided to give you my predictions for the 2016 MLB season.  Most likely this will just be a source for you, the members of The Brand, to come back and make fun of me for later in the season; but here goes nothing!


AL Playoff Teams

West Champ: Texas Rangers

Central Champ: Detroit Tigers

East Champ: New York Yankees

Wild Card: Houston Astros

Wild Card: Boston Red Sox


NL Playoff Teams

West Champ: San Francisco Giants

Central Champ: Chicago Cubs

East Champ: New York Mets

Wild Card: Pittsburgh Pirates

Wild Card: Washington Nationals



Boston Red Sox over Texas Rangers


Chicago Cubs over Washington Nationals


World Series

Chicago Cubs over Boston Red Sox


Individual Awards:

AL MVP: Carlos Correia, Houston Astros

NL MVP: Andrew McCutcheon, Pittsburgh Pirates

AL CY Young: David Price, Boston Red Sox

NL CY Young: Noah Syndergaard, New York Mets

AL Manager Of The Year: Joe GirardiNew York Yankees

NL Manager Of The Year: Joe MaddonChicago Cubs