Sarah Russi returns to the show this week, as her and Vince Russo have a differing of opinion on what this show is about!  Also, Scott Casey Gale discusses eating nasty Bean Boozled jellybeans, and the show gets crashed after Vince leaves the two hosts alone for five minutes!


  1. I am halfway the show and paused it just to give my honest opinion,because bro, I am irritated. I like Scott Casey Gale a lot, he is a unique persona, a character. Sarah Russi is a hot lady, that’s for sure and the idea of pairing ‘the Beast’ Scott Casey Gale with a beautiful girl is good. Since day one I have doubted Sarah’s motivation to join this show on the brand with her sloppy camera handling that causes half her face to be off screen and her passive attiitude. What irritates me the most is that she often answers with mhmmm instead of saying yes or no. The mhmmm’s sound like a yes but her body language says no. Now she had the guts to say that there are not enough viewers.How dare she put The Brand down like that with all the hard work you, Jeff and others have put into it to reach a new horizon with podcast one this week, If I were you bro, I would axe this lady. I know she is young and has a lot to learn but this isn’t gonna work.

  2. I really like the idea of this show, I think Scott is great he’s a genuinely nice guy and he deserves things to work out, I like Sarah, she’s a pretty girl and seems nice too. Obviously I think Vince is great.

    My only advice I would give is this, they need to work on their banter, when Blake turned up they should have been all over that.

    One other thing too, 1k views ain’t bad especially for an early show.. When I used to put effort into YouTube the best I got was 2.5k views and I had to spend a LOT of time on that video.