All right, I just shelled out $10 to go watch Batman Vs. Superman-Dawn of Justice, and I’m going to sum up the movie in one paragraph.

I couldn’t keep my eyes open during the beginning–not because it was boring, but because I’m old and hadn’t taken my nap today. Despite everybody’s concern—Ben Affleck was fine as the Dark Knight.  NO WAY did he not take substances–that may be in question–to bulk up the way he did, but nonetheless—good job.  The Lois Lane/Superman love story—enough with that already–we get it, and quite frankly, I don’t want to hear a Superhero tell a civilian chick that he “loves her”.  Do that off screen. Gal Gadot is SMOKIN’ HOT as Wonder Woman, but label me a male chauvinistic pig—I DON’T CARE–I don’t agree with the way they had her saving the dudes in the capes.  Some real corny dialogue that I assume was supposed to be real corny.  Last but not least–bro–TOO MANY EXPLOSIONS!!!  How many things can you possibly blow up in the course of 2 1/2 hours?!!! For me, Adam West trying to dispose of a freakin’ BOMB was enough–Armageddon will only come ONCE–but yet we’ve seen it dozens of times in superhero movies.

But–I’d recommend it.  It’s worth the 10-large for the over-the-top effects—especially the BatMobile, and the hotness of Wonder Woman.

Forgot to mention, Jesse Eisenberg playing a lead villain is the equivalent of Pee-Wee Herman playing an axe murder.  Just bad.




  1. Wonder Woman epic entrance during the fight was definitely my highlight. The film was good for what it was, although I didn’t care for the portrayal of Lois or Lex. Affleck did alright, didn’t blow my mind, nor did he disappoint. Overall I’d give it a 7 or 7.5/10