In today’s edition of Lions, Tigers, Bears & Dirt, Vince Russo reads Andre Corbeil an entire list of infractions as Vince decides whether or not the Quirky Canadian is going to make the PodcastOne cut.  From there, along with Jeff Lane, the three cover the entire week’s worth of news in sports entertainment.  Topics include–the ratings for all shows, John Morrison taking a shot at Roman Reigns, Hulk Hogan/Gawker, Dixie Carter’s tweet to Hogan, Bobby Roode and Eric Young leaving TNA, 5 new TNA signings, Kurt Angle on joining the WWE, and Sting’s retirement/non-retirement.  Jeff also debates Andre on what it means to be a good “worker”.

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  1. Another great show guys..really enjoying the addition of Andre..sorry if this sounds harsh Andre..but 12 months ago i couldn’t stand you..’i love TNA this’..’i love TNA that’ (don’t get me wrong..i was a massive TNA fan myself from 2002 till Hogan, Bischoff and co came i once ‘loved’ them too)..but i’ve warmed to ya since you joined the VRB..and usual..great work..Vince would be lost without you mate!! 🙂