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  1. I love Taker’s entrance, but it always feels a little off seeing him come out with the full entrance when there’s no opponent waiting in the ring? The slow, eerie entrance is meant to intimidate but there’s no recipient, feels weird!

  2. Brother, the next 2 weeks are absolutely crucial for the wrestling biz. It’s the difference between saving wrestling and it going TNA aka RIP. Do you really think WWE will CLEAN SLATE EVERYTHING the day after Mania? We know the have the resources, but do they have the vision to execute?

  3. I hope both are going to be okay to go after that crazy move Shane did! Wish Taker came out to his Ministry of Darkness music and gimmick just for this angle! Shane O Mac still a daredevil!

  4. See–I don’t like Jericho running from AJ—then accepting the match at Mania. Small detail–but, doesn’t make sense to me. I’m going to run . . . but . . . I’m going to fight him in 6 days. Just MO.

  5. Damn I hope Shane does end up in control of Raw & has some real creative power because WWE has been like a limp noodle since they dropped the attitude era.

  6. This is random and late, but if Charlotte was gonna win anyway, why not add some stakes to the match and make it a Title match? And, if it’s non title, wouldn’t you wanna give Becky a W there?

  7. I am buzzing hoping that Austin will somehow help Shane win against Taker, one last screw you to Vince McMahon, how would you Vince Russo book Austin for WM32? I think since he has not appeared on any TV in the buildup they are saving something special, would you have used Austin in the build up in anyway?

  8. Is it bad that I don’t care who has that title at the end of Wrestlemania? I’m more interested in the outcome of Shane/Taker.

    Nothing against HHH or Reigns but I’m not invested in that match, whoever wins its still gonna drag on….. same thing over and over

  9. how in the world did Shamus from character standpoint go from being the champ going over reigns, to losing it, to not caring about getting the championship back, most concerned now with his group that really hasn’t fought for anything important.

  10. My Favourite build was to WM15, that build started way back after Judgement Day, to Survivor Series, Rock Bottom, Rumble, where Austin was having to overcome the impossible each time just to get to WM15 and win the title, it seems now everything is just a quick fix for a quick payoff, what’s your thought Vince?

  11. This makes no sense to me anymore, H as champion, Steph by his side… logically wouldn’t they be heavily involved in the Shane Storyline as their status is on the line big time also! Shane vs HHH would have made a lot more sense with HHH not being champion!

  12. Say what you want about the show . They’re putting multiple segments into the main matches which is a good thing. I just wish they didn’t wait till the freaking go-home show to do it!

  13. Ok Vince I think I’ve finally got the one thing you’ll choose Andre Corbeil over. You’re locked in a room with Ryback as he does the Feed Me More Chant continuously or.. Andre singing and cutting E-Fed Promos

  14. They could do a lot more creatively.

    They could have Shane show up with his wife and kids to the arena to give them a look at what they will inherit and to say hello to the WWE fans. Stephanie interrupts and runs them all down eventually slapping Shane’s wife and humiliating her. Shane sends his family home in a limo and is angry for the rest of the show. He closes the show by saying regardless of what happens at Mania he will reveal the contents of the lockbox and Stephanie will have a night she wont forget on Raw and he will still beat the Undertaker and take control of Raw. It will be his legacy.

    Why not have a McMahon family dinner? All 4 McMahons including Linda at a dinnertable in the McMahon family mansion, all family members air their dirty laundry through gritted teeth. The camera pans around the dining table as they try and tolerate each other with Vince ultimately abandoning all of them and walking out. Stephanie is left without her Daddy, Shane is on his own anyway, Linda is heartbroken. The match on Sunday will change this family forever, they can never be the same ever again.

    They call Dean Ambrose the Lunatic Fringe and the Ambrose Asylum. Why not have Dean in an actual asylum? Do vignettes of him speaking to the various “characters” in the asylum. The payoff is he ends up being restrained inside it sending a final warning to Brock Lesnar.

  15. I dont know how you guys can even watch it anymore…*laughs* Ive given up. Hulu runs a 90 minute condensed version and even my 5 year old has trouble watching it. I give you all credit as wrestling fans for sticking with the product.