No matter what Roman Reigns does, the nimrod portion of the fan base will continue to boo him.  All it would take is one promo for him to become the #1 heel to that portion of the fan base, while still continuing to be a huge face for the women and children.  He would just need to say this:

“Every week before I come out here, I’m told to bite my tongue. I’m not doing it no more. There’s a distinct divide in your opinion of me. I receive nothing but respect from the women and children in the WWE Universe. It’s the men who seem to have an issue with me. I do use that term loosely, because a real man doesn’t boo someone out of jealousy. I am a threat to every single male in this audience. If someone that looks like me, that is built like me, that is larger than life like me, is the standard bearer for a champion then none of you have a chance in hell of being a champion. That’s why you cheer the little guys, the high fliers. You can live vicariously through them. In your twisted heads, you think that you can be them. Let’s face it, you will never be me. You will never be this cut, this physical, or this handsome. That bothers you. I became WWE Champion without doing one moonsault or hurricanrana. That bothers you. But most of all, it bothers you that your girlfriends and wives are thinking about me during your thirty second lovemaking sessions. I could come out there right now, and any of these women that came with you would leave their seats and go backstage with me. That definitely bothers you. I don’t come out here to impress men every week. If you think your boos upset me, you couldn’t be more wrong. They prove how successful I am. More boos from you means more success for me. So keep booing. Your kids look up to me, your girlfriends wish they were with me, and you marks are lining my pockets with each ticket you purchase. Believe that.”

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  1. You’re spot on, it needs to be addressed and this would be the best and most productive way to get pure heat, and get one over on the “IWC” although if he proceeds to strip out of his chest protector and does a little pec dance I’ll cry so much with laughter.