Hello again guys, Brandon Stransky here with another edition of Wrestling Wrants. Gonna be an interesting one as I describe my feelings about the current state of the WWE.

Recently I’ve  become a pretty big fan of the band Huey Lewis and the News and one of their songs happens to pretty much describe my feelings toward the WWE at the moment perfectly.


“I’ve been phoning night and morning

I heard you say ‘tell him I’m not home’.”

Been wanting to see change in the WWE, been wanting them to take chances and try new things and dare to be different. Not just me but many people have been calling for that change for a very long time now but it’s clearly not there at all.


“Now you’re confessing, But I’m still guessing

I’ve been your fool for so so long”

They’re finally coming out and admitting that what we want is not going to happen, that they’re going to continue to not elevate new stars except the ones that they themselves have handpicked and go against the will of the fans and I’ve finally realized that I was fool for believing that’s going to happen any time soon, if at all.


“Girl don’t lie, just to save my feelings”

Quit telling us things that are going to happen when they aren’t, that you care about what we want just to keep us happy and content.


“Girl don’t cry, and tell me nothing’s wrong”

Quit being upset about the ratings drop, about the lack of attendance at live events and when we as fans tell you what needs to change, act like you’re not doing anything wrong.


“Girl don’t try to make up phony reasons”

Quit telling the world your excuses as to why people aren’t watching anymore, why wrestling isn’t cool like it was sixteen, seventeen years ago. Quit deflecting the blame away from yourselves and thinking of other scapegoats to use.


“I’d rather leave than never believe”

Pretty self explanatory, I’d rather not watch than waste my time believing that you’re finally going to turn your product around and make it worth watching again.


“If this is it, Please let me know

If this ain’t love you’d better let me know

If this is it, I want to know

If this ain’t love baby, just say so”

Instead of continuing to string your fanbase along, making false hopes and promises, why don’t you just come out and admit that you don’t care what we want, that you don’t love us and you don’t care about us and only care about what you want to see.


“Now you’re pretending

That it’s not ending

You’ll say anything to avoid a fight”

WWE continues to be in denial about the mass exodus of viewers and fans on a year to year basis, and will make up any reason to avoid confronting the main issue head on because they’re content, lazy, and complacent.


“I’ll be alright one way or another”

We as fans will still find something else to watch, another TV product or something else to do with our time rather than watch a product that’s pretty much made it clear they have no interest in what the casual viewers want to see.


“So let me go, or make we want to stay”

Either tell us straight up that you’re not going to make your product more entertaining, more compelling or finally give us a reason to want to tune in every Monday night and enjoy what we’re watching.




  1. Great article Brandon.

    The thing that disappoints me the most (and it was evident at WM) is that the story telling is never consistant, rarely makes sense or just doesn’t happen at all.

    Examples: The whole Shane v Undertaker match, the Wyatt burial, apparent lack of “giving a fuck” regarding Reigns…list could go on!

    Lost My Smile.

    Take care,