Last night on the official Brand Twitter account @RussosBrand we asked for your thoughts on WrestleMania.

Here are some of your responses:



  1. I’m sure glad that I went to work and didn’t watch that garbage. Who wants to see the same crap over and over again? I would’ve thrown the remote through the TV. Now that Shane lost we get the same bs every week. Woohoo! Wrestling is dead.

  2. My two cents – better than the last two years although I was not keen on Shane and Sasha losing and Reigns winning clean. Match of the night was the women’s triple threat. And lastly I love that Zack Ryder won the IC belt. Hope he doesn’t drop it tonight. P.s. Baron Corbin was the wrong choice although it’s a meaningless match. Would have liked to have seen Heath Slater win.

  3. I know the popular thing to do will be to bash it, BUT, I enjoyed it until the last match. Sat through most of it while also watching the Mets game. Greatest surprise to me was Zack Ryder — didn’t see that one coming and I appreciate that. Thought the womens match was fun. Didnt care much for the Shane finish but, wins and losses really dont matter. 7/10 in my opinion.

  4. As a whole it was pretty enjoyable but in my opinion they screwed up in the main two matches. We have been given ZEROz incentive to tune in tonight. We’ve been told for weeks that the product sucks and that it needs change just for Shane to lose and no change come out of it. Plus well… Reigns as a babyface.
    But i shall reserve actual judgment until the end of Raw, here’s to hoping things will change by the end of the three long loooong hours

  5. This year’s WM was a glorified RAW. Although not bad, it wasn’t like WM’s should be!

    Injuries played there part but the main event was flat, Shane v Taker was odd (outcome was wrong), Wyatts buried again, Ambrose didn’t get made (just one F5!)

    Could go on but we’ll see how they react tonight.

    Take care,