If there is one thing I have an eye for, it’s the “IT” factor—especially when it comes to professional wrestlers. From the time I was a fan, throughout my entire 25 year career, the minute that somebody walked out that curtain, or through that tunnel . . . I knew. The old adage is so true—you either have it . . . or. . . you don’t. It’s all about presence. It’s all about the room, and everybody in it changing when you walk it. You become the center of attention without even batting an eyelash. Everything suddenly becomes all about you.

That’s how I felt when I watched this Nakamura kid at NXT Takeover-Dallas. The second he hit the arena he wreaked STAR. He oozed charisma, it dripped off his body like a warm sweat. Everything about him was different, or more importantly “unique”. The way he moved around the ring, the way he carried himself, sold, made you believe without saying one, single word. There’s just no denying it—he was born to do exactly what he’s doing. As the great Enzo says, “You don’t teach that”—all the bumps in the world isn’t going to give you the “it” that thousands of hopefuls so desire. You see, it’s not about the spectacular spot—by this point we’ve just about seen them all—it’s about being a bona-fide star. It’s about the 55 year-old watching behind his computer screen and thinking, “Even if for five minutes . . . I wouldn’t mind being that guy.”

In my opinion that’s what’s missing from the majority at NXT, and who have come up through NXT. They have been trained to be “stars”, unfortunately, regardless of their heart—many just aren’t—in my opinion. Which leads to another topic for another time—WHY THE !@#$%^ is Nakamura in NXT?!!! There is NOTHING that ANYBODY is going to teach this guy down at the NXT training center—not even the GREAT Norman Smiley!!!


  1. I agree the guy has charisma and his performance in ring reminds me of wrestling back in the pre 00’s when you felt that every move had a reason.

    The only thing that didn’t do it for me was his entrance, don’t get me wrong his music was great but the animal puppetry with his hands just confused me… I was half expecting him to make a dove appear on the wall behind him 🔦👐👏🕊

    He’s in nxt because It’s HHH’s baby and to forgo it would make it look redundant, like in my honest opinion it is!

  2. totally agree i heard people talk about him and i quietly said to myself yeah yeah sure he’s probably just another spot junkie but man when i seen this guy for the first time i thought wow so different and want to c more hope they don’t keep him down for 2 long he needs to be seen by the masses

  3. I knew you’d like him! I’m not a fan of nxt, but I watched Takeover when it aired Friday and was very impressed!

  4. He is money. I knew it from the first time I saw him. Don’t mean to sound harsh–but so much different than the other bland, expressionless, New Japan workers.