I woke up to a HUGE TREAT this morning, when my good friend, “Cranky Konnan” tweeted me what could very well be the GREATEST PROMO OF ALL-TIME, asking me how many “percentage” I had to do with it? Unfortunately for me, the answer is ZERO. The good news is I was standing right there when Scott Steiner cut this absolute masterpiece, and about 10 seconds in—I knew this golden piece of tape was going to be played for decades upon decades on YouTube. This baby was ALL Scott—every last word, syllable AND number!

Just last week I was thrilled to see Scott at Wrestlecon in Dallas, and of course this was the FIRST thing we talked about. I hope to have Scott on The Swerve in the very near future.

Show the kids, share with your wife–enjoy this one!!!


  1. Haha Scott Steiner could walk into WWE or TNA and be in the top 2% of promos and believability.

    That promo was immense lol

    I use 2% generously

  2. lol..this was awesome..remember his backstage ‘axis rotation’ promo he cut with Mean Gene in WCW??..lol..and who could ever forget his ‘re-debut’ for the WWE at MSG back in 2003 — ‘Gimme the f**kin’ mic!!’ 🙂

    The guy should get into stand-up comedy. 🙂