Bro—I’m the cheapest, most frugal human being on the planet. If you follow me . . . you know that. I make ZERO bones about it—I buy my clothes at Goodwill and I buy the marked down meat at King Soopers. If I don’t positively, absolutely need it—-I go without it.  Here’s an example—I’m a Ray Romano MARK. There are literally dozens of similarities between the both of us. I literally have seen every episode of Everybody Loves Raymond ONE HUNDRED TIMES. Marry that to my love of records. I absolutely revel in my record collection. Now that I’ve lost 42 pounds I might even roll around in my records BUCK FREAKIN’ NAKED! So–when Ray Roman signs on to star in a new HBO series called VINYL—for cryin’ out oud—you think I’d be all over it! But no . . . haven’t seen a single episode, Fifteen bucks a month is beyond my price range to subscribe to HBO. $2.95—YES, $15—NO.

BUT, when my good friend, Tilly, informed me that ANDREW “DICE” CLAY had a new series on Showtime—brother—I had to break the bank! I had to fork over the 10-large for the privilege of seeing my boy back in his element every week. Listen, man, if you’re a New York Guy—you’re an Andrew “Dice” Clay Guy—it’s as simple as that. I’ve literally followed Dice’s career for well over 30 years—and it’s never gotten old. Never missed a stand-up special, his short-lived television series, Home, Sweet Home, his othe short-lived television series on VH1, his guest stint on Entourage, Ford Fairlane and of course—his classic appearances on the Howard Stern Show.

So, why do I love the guy so much–one word–his CHARACTER. The dude we’d all like to be—even if we could only survive it for 15 minutes. On his new Showtime show, simply entitled, Dice, the Diceman claims that this character is the closets to true form that any network has ever allowed him to portray before. And within the first five minutes of the first episode it’s easy to see—there ain’t too much acting going on here. Bro–by the time you get to episode two, you will be on the floor belly laughing watching ADRIAN BRODY—of all people—successfully transforms into DICE himself. This was one of the fumiest episodes I’ve seen on TV in the last decade—including this past season of my beloved Baskets.

Bro—if you are a fan of Dice, or were ever a fan of Dice—you gotta see this show! Freakin’ awesome—and worth maybe even 12 bucks!!!


  1. vince dice has legend status on the east coast he was just on fallon i don’t like fallon but dice doing 5 min of stand up i made an exception had to watch his 80s special the diceman cometh right after going to check this out thanks

  2. Dice has a huge following here in Australia too..personally..i love his work..i’ll have to check it out.

    Here’s a random Q for you Vince regarding your ‘tightness’ you fork over the $9.95 large for the WWE Network a month??..or as an ex WWF/E they throw it your way to you for free / at a hefty discount??..or do you simply mooch off of someone else’s account / account share?? (i go halves with a mate every month). 🙂