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Also, since RAW was taped earlier today, please be considerate and do not discuss any spoilers!


  1. Vince i want to say thank you for all that you do. Without Vince russo Doing podcast I would not be able to do my podcast on big josh TV and Vince im putting you over because ive learned alot from you doing podcast to where i speak whats on my mind about things and you truly are a hero to big josh and big josh TV. and i want to thank you for all that you do BRO> even though u may not see this comment, Just wanted to thank you and thank you for that interview back on 2/29 on big josh TV

  2. AJ Styles should have came out and said, Roman you keep coming out here week after week claiming you’re the guy, but from where I stand you’re the guy getting his ass booed every week.

  3. Vince, can you please explain to me what a certified G is? I want so much to like Enzo and Cass, but I have no idea what the hell he’s saying half the time. I’m a southern girl…I don’t understand Jersey talk.

  4. Byron Saxton should be answering phones at a Hampton Inn somewhere.

    If you can’t cut a decent singles promo, you certainly shouldn’t be anywhere near commentary. He’s got a live microphone for five-plus hours of WWE programming per week. WHAT is he adding? What credibility does he have to viewers at home? Why would a marketing genius like Vince McMahon give this guy the job of putting wrestlers over? He adds nothing. He has no edge, no character, nothing. Why would his words carry any weight with viewers? He makes things worse.

    Somebody needs to check the viewership numbers since Saxton took over on these show. The whole team needs to go. So damaging to the show.

  5. Finally a vignette for Apollo Crews. It looks like they’re doing things in backwards order. I missed most of the show but based on what I read it didn’t sound like I missed much. Sounds like last week’s show was better.