Jeff Lane, Andre Corbeil, and special guest Zac Eisenstein run down all of the weekly news and rumors in the wrestling world exclusively for RELM Network VIPs including Karen Jarrett reportedly spitting on Melissa Santos, Adam Rose’s statement on his WWE suspension, TNA’s possible sale and much more!

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  1. I actually really like Andre, he does some goofy stuff sometimes but it’s part of his gimmick, he’s got confidence and he brings another side to the “holy trinity” that is the brand hierarchy.

    Jeff is great to watch as always and your words not mine, has improved loads since he first started. Tbh the newness never bothered me, he knew what he was talking about, even if he had a list, he lets Vince tell his story’s and is there to help Segway to new stuff or to give an alternate opinion 🙂

    I’m British and I never heard of Zack until the brand introduced him, I have yet to listen to his music but he seems like a decent bloke and he’s pretty funny. He reminds me of myself when I enjoyed some of the product.

    I hope Vince is healthy and God is guiding him through this hard time, please give him our love Jeff and I hope he knows that the outpouring of fan support Chyna got, he has exactly the same behind him.. We care about you Vince, take care of yourself.

    P.s. I think Andre earned another week on podcast one 😜