Vince Russo and Jeff Lane will be going head-to-head in a WWE Brand Split draft, and YOU will choose the winner! Vince (Raw) and Jeff (Smackdown) will alternate picks on video to see who can put together the most entertaining roster for a television wrestling program. Once the video is online, a poll will be posted here at for you all to decide who drafted the best crew!

Vince will be seeking advice during the draft from the sage known as Scott Casey Gale, while Jeff will have the wisdom of Zac Eisenstein in his corner. Full draft rules while be established on the draft video.



  1. Awesome. You should have a “supplemental”-esque side draft for commentary too. They are the most important voices on tv because you hear them nonstop. they make or break the show.
    i’d love to hear your individual critiques for the commentators.

  2. I agree with Johnny, but I would like to see ALL possible television talents on the table. I mean, it’s a TV show so I think everyone from announcers and interviewers to managers and the McMahons should be on the table. I want to see who you guys think are the most important talent to the shows.

  3. Sounds like fun!

    Should we expect any dirty picks to sabotage each other? Like Vince picks Bubba then Jeff picks Devon to split the team and ruin the impact?

  4. Both Russo and Lane made great roster picks for both shows. Raw and Smack Down both need a revival and new life breathed in to them. I know both of you would stop the obviousness in all the matches and give EVERYONE the push and proper shine they all deserve. But i can only choose one so i’m going with Russo.

  5. Thoughts on creating stars-

    Corbin- I would repackage Baron Corbin, give him a new name, and bring him back in gear similar to Kane’s original gear (single sleeve covering his tats) and a purple or green mask. I’d build up a program with the final reveal being that he is Undertaker’s son.

    Ziggler- Give him face paint– give him an image you can picture kids dressing up as for Halloween (as you can picture acts of the 80s/90s like Savage, Road Warriors, and Sting). The craft of creating an image beyond muscles seems lost with today’s wrestlers.

    Strowman- I would make him a good guy, pair him with a stronger wrestler like Neville, and design new wrestling gear that is brightly colored (blue and spring green perhaps). I’d put Strowman in a single strap singlet, knee pads, and big, gloss boots like Hogan. Strowman would be shaped into the new Hulk Hogan.