In this installment of Lions, Tigers, Bears & Dirt, Glenn Gilbertti, aka The Disco Inferno, once again joins Vince Russo and Jeff Lane to go over the news, dirt, gossip and hearsay in the week of professional wrestling. The topics this week include the Ricochet/Will Ospreay/Vader controversy, nimrods on Reddit burying the highest rated RAW ever, and WWE’s on-going obsession with word-for-word scripted promos. The show is highlighted by Vince reprimanding Disco after Vince finds out Disco went behind his back with calls to Executive Producer Lane in preparing for the show. Later in the show Vince labels Glenn, “Nose-stradomus”.

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Bonus: An additional segment where Vince and Jeff discuss their thoughts on the changes in pro wrestling champions is also available for RELM Network subscribers that will not air on PodcastOne.

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  1. I wanna comment in the bonus without spoiling what you said.

    I think you are spot on but regarding why the person they emulated sold and they don’t, my opinion is this. When kids played soldiers they never sold getting shot, they always wanna be the biggest baddest guy who can’t get killed.

    If these two guys played “wrestling” together they never sold, both kids wanna be the greatest and they are still playing wrestling right now… Watch them fight each other, honestly they practically hold each other’s peckers, it’s embarrassing tbh…

    These guys are kids wrestling, Owens and zayn are kids playing wrestling. That’s my opinion.

  2. >.< just posted and it didn't work.

    Basically my opinion is that Owens and zayn are still kids playing wrestling, they are still in that stage where kids play soldiers and don't sell the bullets or bombs..

    They joined the business when bruiser brody wasn't there to give them a slap when they didn't sell or scare the crap outa them.

    They grew up watching the guy you mentioned and they had each other to hold each other's peckers and blow smoke up each other's ass and they don't listen.. Even cornet mentioned Owens wouldn't listen when they give him 6 month off and told him to lose weight….

    That's my opinion, I think I'm right lol but it's my opinion.