On today’s EXCLUSIVE VIP Show Anything But Freakin’ Rasslin’!, Vince Russo and Jeff Lane discuss numerous topics including who wears short-shorts, Vince’s blu-ray woes, Lamar back on the crack, Vince losing his virginity, nobody ever teaching Vince about the birds and bees, 13 year old student knocking up hot teacher, Vince’s coffee addiction and Vinny from the Jersey Shore is fat.

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  1. Blu-ray player upgrade: you need an internet connection, either through Wi-Fi or hard wired. Which ever method is easiest for you.
    If Wi-Fi is not possible you can run an ethernet cable from your internet router/modem to the Blu-ray player or if the distance is too far you’ll need to move the player into another room near the router/modem.

    You don’t connect the Blu-Ray player to a computer, the Blu-ray player has all the required hardware/software inside (it’s a mini computer basically), it simply needs an internet connection.

    Either way Vince buying a new Blu-Ray player won’t really solve the problem because you’ll have to upgrade it too anyway.

    Also be advise the software update can take a long time 30+ minutes). My device is probably the same age as yours and it is old slow hardware/software, I never use it anymore.

    IMO all this physical media, CD, DVD, Blu-ray will be obsolete in a few years when streaming takes over. The best thing I ever did was stop buying plastic discs.

    Good Luck.