Breaking News–beginning this Monday night, Vince Russo and Jeff Lane will be presenting a new show, RUSSO RAW & LIVE! immediately following RAW. This show will be EXCLUSIVE to VIP Members only. You can become a VIP member and get your FIRST MONTH FREE (new subscribers) by clicking here.


  1. Genuinely sad to see the end of an era, I suppose I can live with the decision as long as Jeff Lane can be taught to do segways…..

    So is the show going to be streaming live or do we have to wait for an upload and downloaded it in full? I’d like to know the details ahead of time since me and my friends always tuned in to the post Raw podcast to get at least some entertainment out of our Monday nights.

  2. I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed and it’s not because it’s a VIP show. I’m a VIP Brand member and have been since the early days of the old site. I’m just disappointed because I can only watch a limited number of videos per month. I’m way too cheap to purchase internet service in my house so I use my phone. Once I use up all my high speed data for the month, my phone company slows down my data speeds making it impossible to watch a video. With that said, I’m very careful on which videos that I watch. Raw has been horrible for several years now. It’s to the point that I no longer watch it anymore. I just listened to the reviews hoping that someday you guys would tell me there was something that I need to go back and watch. I’m certainly not going to waste my limited number of videos I can view per month on a review of that horrible show each week. I’m sorry but I just can’t. Thanks for all the great and entertaining shows that you guys do. I’ve referred the Brand to several of my friends who have now become members. We are all in the same boat. We want wrestling to be great again.

  3. Thanks guys, that sounds awesome. I assume it means that the Russo/Wrestling INC show is done? Will the show be available to download for Brand subscribers sometime after? I only ask as in the UK it’s just not possible to watch it live and go work the next day!

  4. You mean I’ll be stuck listening to Mr. Circus Ole Lover Sean Ross Sapp without you you trying to smartin him up and the rest of the IWC sissys?!