In this episode of Bucket Full of Chicken Necks, Vince Russo goes off on why he thought his RELM Network RAW Review Show sucked Monday night, his daughter Diva turning 21 and leaving for Germany for two months, TNA’s Financial Advisor perhaps losing his mind and how Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff bled TNA dry on the company’s way to a point of no return. Also, Tenacious D is celebrated!

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  1. Great ep Vince..The Diva..well..what can one say huh?? lol — And it was awesome to hear your thoughts (from someone who was actually there at the time..and not just some random ‘Geraldo Wannabe’ mark) about TNA’s finances (or lack-there-of) thanks to Dixie, Hogan, and ‘Sleazy-E’.

    I know i keep saying this..but i’ve been a VIP / Brand member since day one on the old P&B site..and i have NO INTENTION of ever cancelling my RELM / Brand subscription..keep up the fantastic work..bro!! 🙂

    PS — Any idea what Mark and Mark are up to these days??..i miss those guys!! 🙂