This column is dedicated to Christina Grimme and the victims of the Pulse nightclub attack.

This is probably one of the hardest things that I’ve ever had to write, yet also the easiest because even though I really don’t want to write it, the words are coming to me very quickly and there’s no difficulty in figuring out how to express myself.

This past weekend, the world was once again rocked with horrible violence and death, both incidents taking place in Orlando, Florida. The first one was this past Saturday with the terrible murder of singer Christina Grimme as she was gunned down by a lunatic during an after show meet and greet. No motive has yet been established for the crime.

And then the big one came just a few hours later when a man entered the gay nightclub Pulse and started laying waste to the people in there, killing 50, wounding 53 in one of the most horrific mass shootings in recent memory.

While we don’t know yet why the man who killed Christina did what he did, there are numerous theories and information as to the motive of the Pulse nightclub shooter, unfortunately none of them are consistent as it’s being reported that it was a radical Islamic terrorist attack against homosexuals as well as it him being a lone nut who was very likely homosexual himself but couldn’t bare to accept that truth about himself.

I can’t understand at all what would drive another human being to do these things, I honestly don’t. It’s clear that the victims of the Pulse shooting were targeted because of their homosexuality and it just blows my mind that someone actually decides to go and commit mass murder on a group of people simply because of who they LOVE.

And that’s the keyword there, LOVE. There’s a severe drought of that in the world right now and these two incidents are living proof of that. Maybe if the man who shot up the club had felt love and acceptance in his life, he might not have felt he had to resort to this awful act. All I know is that if the two men who committed these atrocities in Orlando had love in their hearts, love for their fellow human beings, these sad and horrible events would not have taken place.

When incidents like this happen the public is always jumping to the quick fix. Ban guns, more security, etc…when in reality, all that’s going to do is make people who want to commit these atrocities work harder to do it.

The only way we’re going to stop future events like these from taking place is by making a positive difference in the world, by being kinder to our fellow human beings, by showing them the same love that our Creator has for us like we were commanded to do. We can change the world and make it a better place. It’s not hard, we just have to stop thinking of ourselves first and learn to put others before us like Vince is always saying and that’s where the change will slowly start taking place.

If we all work together and show the world love, it will spread, we just have to be willing to forgo or own egos and work toward it. Like John Lennon once said, just Imagine.


  1. I hope you don’t mind me making a biblical reference, but Jesus changed the world by influencing 12 men to live a life of love and service to others. He did not preach policy changes and how government or other man-made institutions can magically transform the world into something better. His message was just about how each individual person has to take up the responsibility of treating others with love and respect.

    Whether we follow the teachings of Jesus or not, I still believe the idea is true that change can only come from an individual level. All we can truly control is our own actions, but unfortunately we have reached a point where we look to others, our government, and people we view as authority figures for the answers. We fail to look within ourselves and how we treat people and how we choose to live. I think we also greatly underestimate the power and influence we all can have as individuals within our own spheres of influence.