Without question, what he did is unforgivable, disgusting and unjustified. Ted Bundy was an incredibly intelligent man and that’s what made him so dangerous, that’s how he got away for so long with murdering (potentially) 50 young women and young girls, as young as 12. Maybe even in his final hours, he was still using his remarkable manipulative talents to charm us. But, regardless – what he is saying is true.


Ted Bundy grew up with loving parents in an average middle class Christian household. He was exposed to violent pornography at a young age in the 1950s. And today, sex addiction and addiction to pornography are class as just that, an addiction. Like every other form of addiction, the addict looks for a stronger fix, they crave something harder. In Bundy’s case he continued to look for more graphic types of pornography.


Jump forward 60 years and look at what children are exposed to. The violence in the most popular video games, in music, in cinema. Bundy was exposed through magazines and video’s. Look at how powerful the internet is in our day and age and then the heavy mainstream popularity of drugs and alcohol contributing to this and how much MORE it is used in the average home – in front of children. Young teenagers experimenting because they have seen Mum & Dad do it so it must be ok!


Unfortunately this poor kid from Burlington, Vermont wasn’t protected from the types of medium that he was exposed to, due to being in a society that tolerates this kind of violent imagery and as such, it played a huge part in moulding him into pure evil.


What he is saying in the above video is that there ARE people out there, especially in today’s society, who’s dangerous impulses are being fuelled by the violent and graphic content in video games, movies, television shows, music and the internet and how sexualised this violence is.

But, it’s not JUST that, it’s how sexualised EVERYTHING is. Television advertisements are designed to be sexualised so that the product sells, comic books are sexualised – everything seems to be and this compliments the dangerous impulses that people feel and don’t want to talk about because they themselves cant possibly begin to understand it because they are so doped up on caffeine, nicotine, weed and booze that how can they expect anyone else too understand THEIR compulsions. So these compulsions, they become secrets, hidden away at the back of the mind, and in some people they manifest into addictions and the more they crave, the more dangerous they become.


Not every single child being exposed to this type of stuff is going to grow up to be the next Ted Bundy, but there are children out there that may be up in their rooms, unattended, watching violent movies, listening to violent music or playing violent video games – or WORSE, the parents knowing it and allowing it – that are unaware that they may have that SAME vulnerability that Ted Bundy had as a child to that predisposition to be influenced by that type of graphic content.


Age certificates are given on albums, movies, TV shows and video games for a REASON! If a video game has a classification of 18 – don’t let your 6 year old play the damned thing!

A child’s brain is like a ball of clay and every day in everything they do, helps to mould and shape them into the adult they are to become. How the hell can they begin to understand the difference in right or wrong in the content that they are seeing, listening to or playing when the parents are allowing them to do it, or worst being ignorant to the fact and as a parent, how do you really know that what your child is being exposed to isn’t having some kind of lasting severe impact. No, I’m not saying that playing Grand Theft Auto is going to make your kid the next serial killer – But being exposed to that kind of graphic sexualised violence at such a young age WILL confuse them and there IS potential damage there.

Who cares if all their mates at school are playing Call of Duty and they feel left out because they aren’t allowed to play it. Be proud to be different.


I wasn’t someone to be considered a pervert. I was essentially a normal person. I had good friends. I had a Normal life. Except for this small, but very potent and very destruction segment of it that I kept very close to myself and didn’t let anyone know about it. And part of the shock and horror for my dear friends and family when I was first arrested was, there was no clue. They looked at me and saw the ‘All American Boy’, I wasn’t perfect, But I was OK. The basic humanity and the basic spirit that God gave me was in intact. Unfortunately, it became overwhelmed at times. People need to recognise that those of us who are, who have been, so influenced
by violence in the medium are not some kind of inherent monsters… We are your Sons and are your Husbands. We grew up in regular families. As diligent as my parents were, and they WERE diligent in protecting their children. As good a Christian home that we had and we had a wonderful Christian home, there is no protection
against the kinds of influences that are loose in a society that tolerates…

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  1. The good ol, played out, violent video games, t.v., and music causes people to kill, rape, e.t.c. Stop with the excuses. Human beings have been killing and raping for thousands of years. The reason we don’t have more Ted Bundy’s is because it’s a lot harder to get away with murder.