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  1. Pretty disappointed with this review, though I usually enjoy them. I understand Vince wants to promote himself but he spent a lot of time building up Rocky Mountain Pro, and a lot of things on the show that were done well were glossed over.

    Raw is absolutely horrible right now, I can’t disagree with that, but Smackdown has some good things.

    The logic in what they are doing with the women is that they are trying to establish a division (same reason they had a 12-man tag team match). They have six teams, and six women, and they are trying to establish all of them, which is necessary since they will be adding tag team and women’s championships. Look at Raw, in the tag scene you have New Day, the Club, and a bunch of jobber teams (Shining Stars, Golden Truth). In the women scene you have Sasha and Charlotte…then Dana is a lacky and Nia squashes jobbers. There ARE no womens and tag divisions.

    On Smackdown they are working to establish six women, Bliss, Carmella, Nattie, Becky, Eva, and Naomi. They have been working on that since week 1 when they had all of them get a bit of promo time. The six-man tag I am actually very excited for as I like how Smackdown is establishing a division of characters and all six girls are good performers, so when they do add a women’s championship it will feel like they actually have women who matter, not just a two-woman show. If the story was just Eva vs Becky, then Naomi, Bliss, Carmella would feel like they don’t matter, but they have been smart enough to actually establish them a bit (Carmella with her little mini feud with Natalya, Bliss beating Becky, Naomi with her interesting new entrance). If you look at this as the introduction to their women’s division the six-man tag and the Smackdown booking makes sense.

    I agree that American Alpha not getting promo time is a real shame, but similarly I think they are trying to show they have six tag teams, and next month hopefully they get to stand out more.

    As for Heath Slater, Vince says there are no stories on the show, but the Heath Slater story has been going on all month. You say that they’ve beaten him so he doesn’t matter, same with Dean and Dolph, but that’s why they are rebuilding. If Vince doesn’t find Heath entertaining I understand, but they are trying to get him over with this gimmick – a guy who has been beaten to death, and giving him this camera time can GET him over, if his story catches on and people begin to sympathize with the goofball who just can’t get a win. Heath is an actual character on a show that needs more of them, and I think they are doing a wonderful job of making him an interesting part of the show.

    As for Dean and Dolph, obviously Smackdown has a hard task of rebuilding them but I totally disagree that it can’t be done. You can take the biggest loser in wrestling, and give them wins and momentum, and eventually the fans will see them as a winner again. And the promos they have been cutting have done wonders towards that