I just wanted to take a moment this morning to tell all of you how sincerely grateful I am for all your support, year after year. You are truly the ones that keep me going when I believe that I just can’t endure another day. You give me strength and you give me love and I will NEVER, NEVER be able to repay any of you for that. Your colors shined so brilliantly bright, as you helped me get through the loss of my beloved Yogi and of course—my mother. Many people don’t understand this, and never will, but I am still going through a grieving period and it hasn’t even sunk in yet that she is no longer with me on this earth.

I also want to point out all my thanks to all those who contribute to the Brand on a daily basis, from Rocky and the Crew from “The Super Ugly Show”, to that nut-job Andre Corbeil—who might be making a video comeback soon, Randy Helms, Shariya, Razorfist, Zac Eisenstein, Gil Hustles, Brandon Stransky, Mark Mayhugh, Gonzo Shark, Rue of Rue TV, that Pain-in-th-!@#$ Disco and of course my favorite—Scott Casey Gale.

Gratitude to Marc at The Relm Network, and my friends Stacie and Blane at PodcastOne, who make it possible for me to have a voice.

I also want to take a moment at this time to thank my family from Rocky Mountain Pro who made Colorado HOME to me. From Matt Yaden, to Nikita, to Ryan, Mitch, Dewey, all of you—from the bottom of my heart—thank you!

Finally—Jeff Lane. The absolute backbone of the Brand. I could never repay Jeff for the time, work, dedication and absolute love he has given not only to the Brand, but to me.

Brothers, sisters, let’s just spread some love this year. Let’s just make that our goal. Put others first—let’s start there. Look, I am FAR from perfect, in fact . . . I am a sinner. But, the good news is that I KNOW that and wake up every day trying to do better than the day before. We all should strive to be the best that we possibly can.

I love you all, I truly do. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!!!