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In this once-in-a-lifetime riveting exposé, Vince Russo calls out former associate Ryan Satin, who sent out public tweets responding to an edited video put out by an individual who has been stalking and harassing Vince for months, that was defined to slander and defame Vince’s name by painting a picture of him as a “racist”. Vince lays out in detail, what dirt sheets writers will believe, or quite frankly “fall for” just to grab a sensational headline for their own self promotion—regardless of the TRUTH and the harm done to the person they’re slandering. After Ryan tweeted with the felon, who calls himself the INSTIGATOR, and threatened to screen grab Vince’s person DM exchange with him, Vince gladly reads the DM between himself and Ryan Satin to let the listeners/viewers make the decision for themselves.