Biting the Bullet: A SmackDown Live Review in Bullet Points by Brandon Stransky

After two weeks I’m back with Biting the Bullet and this week I’ll be tackling SmackDown. Not sure if I’ll stick to a brand or switch back and forth between weeks. Haven’t seen SmackDown in awhile so might be interesting to see if it has improved in quality at all. Here we go.

-Seriously why do they have to return to this over-convoluted complete cluster of a match just because Jinder happens to be Indian?

-Good work from both men in this segment. Creative didn’t give them much to work with but the visual was good and both guys did the best they could with what they had.

-I’m sorry, I don’t like flag matches. Never got them.

-Match did not need to go this long. Absolutely no reason for it other than creative laziness. You could have gotten where you needed to in half the time they spent.

-This backstage segment looked horrible and fake. I’m so sorry but it felt forced and unnatural and made the women look horrible. Way to completely bury half of your entire women’s roster in five minutes.

-Glad they’re at least addressing Chad Gable’s feelings in this situation. There’s some potential for good storytelling here but I’ll believe it when I see them actually capitalize on it.

-Oh come the F on. You can’t have him get pissed off and be upset that they left him hanging and that no one gave him a heads up? Can’t have him cut the promo that he felt like his best friend and the company he works for threw him under the bus and left him to do nothing by himself and probably be future endeavored in a year? No we gotta go the cheesy “I’m happy and I’m gonna support him and do my own thing cause I’m a babyface.” Gag me with a spoon.

-First time I saw this new Sami Zayn neurotic gimmick was in that replay and I gotta say, it’s definitely an improvement. Keep it going, build on it. Good on you Sami.

-So I’m guessing they’re just completely forgetting the whole free agent storyline then. Been two weeks now and not even a peep about it on Raw.

-I shudder to think what kind of position this company’s gonna be in if they don’t create some stars and get them to Cena’s level and soon.

-However this promo came across as just over the top pandering with the only thing that was able to save it was Cena’s delivery.

-I thought Rusev looked very good tonight. And personally, I would put Rusev over. America First Week. In Philadelphia. Would be some very good heat for him.

-Again why? Why are matches with no implications going this long? Quickest way to get viewers to change the channel.

-I will say this though, I would like to thank the SmackDown creative team for making this column easy as there’s not much to write about when half the show is bell to bell action.

-They dropped the ball completely with Lana. They should have called an audible immediately when she got that reaction on her first appearance and had her go babyface. You had the perfect story right there of an outsider trying to earn the respect.

-Main event was what it was. Two teams blowing 20+ minutes for the sake of blowing 20+ minutes with no real story or character implications.

That about wraps it up for this week. Next week though I will take a trek into a place where no man dare tread. Next week Biting the Bullet will be about….205 Live. Wish me luck. Honestly though I’ve been keeping a bit of an eye on it and been noticing they’re actually starting to put some, key word there being some, creative effort into it. So we will see what’s been going on there right here next week.

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