On today’s RAW review, Vince Russo discusses Monday’s show with “Lazy” Jeff Lane and Rue from RUE TV. In the opening segment, Vince breaks down how the WWE Writers–Vince McMahon—blatantly CASTRATED the CHARACTER Dean Ambrose, by scripting the Lunatic Fringe to not use a steel chair on Seth Rollins—even though Seth was BEGGIN’ him to. Once again, in order for Vince to build a 70’s babyface—he completely destroyed the integrity of Ambrose. From there, Vince admits to turning over to the season opener of Teen Mom 2, which is a show he prefers over all the non-eventful Flip, Flop and Flyin’ 205 matches. Vince also shows some disappointment in his friend, Kurt Angle, never telling him about Michael Orlando Jordan Angle.

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