Good morning. After doing my first podcast show on Russo’s Brand for PodcastOne, the results were good. The concept of the show Getting Color is to give you not the ‘yes all is great’, the bad ‘I hate everything’, but the straight truth about our content. My saying to all,
You want the truth or you want me to lie to youVito Lo Grasso is how I will call it.

You can love or hate Vince Russo but fact is we have been friends for over 25 years. We started out on the radio together doing Vicious Vincent’s Radio show from Long Island, N.Y. It was fun and a great time. We did the arena club from the Nassau Coliseum before WWF live events. When I did TV for them, we had bus trips with over 100 fans. Skull Von Krus had a great following. You come full circle. Now with a new concept where is not to bash or over praise, this gives you the straight behind the scenes look at how it works – good and bad. I always post positive things here, no negatives. My life goes for positive vibes with positive people. My life is not perfect, but my view is one that comes with life experience. Straight Shooting. Contact me at for bookings Follow me at @TheBigVitoBrand on Twitter and @thebigvitobrand on Instagram. Have a great day.