Biting the Bullet: A RAW Review in Bullet Points by Brandon Stransky

Hello, it’s me again with this week’s edition of Biting the Bullet and I return to Raw for this one after having spent a couple of weeks on Smackdown and 205 Live. Let’s see how they did this week.

-Interesting scenario that Heyman brought up about how if Lesnar loses the belt then he’s leaving the WWE which could be a riveting story if they actually put some effort into it and are willing to try something new. Not holding my breath though.

-Hardy’s vs. Club for millionth time. Yawn.

-I’m hating what they’re doing with Ambrose and Rollins. This story is so freaking weak and makes no sense and I feel dumber for watching it.

-I really hope this is not leading to Ambrose/Rollins becoming tag champs.

-Pointless CW 6-man. Next!

-MizTV segment with Jason Jordan was what it was and did what it needed to. Nothing really special worth commenting about.

-Why would Ambrose run out to help Rollins? IMO their relationship hasn’t been built back up enough to warrant Ambrose making the save for him.

-By the numbers promo from Wyatt that we’ve heard a million times before. And why would Wyatt let a few kicks be enough to keep him at bay? Keep making your talent look spineless and they’ll only keep getting under instead of over.

-One of the few things that you could have used to keep Joe having a claim to a shot at the title they took away in that 3 way by having Reigns pin him. Why not keep playing that out and and build up to it and make it a big deal when Reigns does beat Joe down the line?

-Why the Elias/Kalisto match went longer than 5 minutes is beyond me. It should have been Kalisto getting a quick flurry of offense, Elias shuts him down, a little bit of heat, a comeback, and then Elias puts him down with his finish.

-Basic backstage interview with Bliss. Not really much other than that.

-Really lame explanation for why Ambrose saved Rollins earlier. Completely out of character for someone who’s called a “lunatic fringe.” To keep himself from looking like a jerk. Since when did Ambrose care about that?

-Nia vs. Bayley #4,028 means I still don’t care. Oh and Bayley’s hurt now. When is management going to say enough is enough with the frequent injuries?

-Cass vs Big Show as the main event instead of the Joe, Reigns, Strowman 3-way is such ass backwards booking I’ve got nothing else to say on that.

This was not a good show IMO. No substance, no thread, no stories, no interest. And what little effort they did put into it felt like it was insulting to the intelligence. Out of the 5 hours of wrestling this week the only two things I remember is Brock Lesnar leaving if he loses the belt and the David Lynch references during the Fashion Police segment. After 5 hours of content and that’s all I take away from it, that’s pretty pathetic. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all next week.

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