In this riveting interview with former TNA creative writer Billy Corgan on his second appearance on The Swerve, Vince Russo takes the genius behind the Smashing Pumpkins to task when he pulls no punches about Billy’s company TNA. Being one of the very few in his position to actually have the KAHUNAS to take on Vince, Billy meets his friend HEAD ON as the two pull ZERO punches when discussing the company that Vince helped build for over a decade. Not having known Billy’s new role with TNA at the time, Vince Goes FULL-BOAR asking Billy some of the tough questions concerning his employer including if he thinks Dixie Carter and John Gaburick are qualified for their roles, and how do you fix a company that has gone from 2 Million viewers to 350K in about a 5 year period? From there Billy goes deep into his philosophies on pro wrestling including: why wrestling is flawed and broken, does TNA need a Brand Reset, and what does the creative future of pro wrestling hold.This interview is as REAL as it gets folks, between two people with some different views, but yet a deep, mutual respect for each other!

Originally aired on Jun. 9 & 16, 2016 – The Swerve episodes #102 & 104