On today’s show, Vince Russo and Jeff Lane review the 5 hours of both WWE RAW & SMACKDOWN LIVE from this past week. Vince’s mind is once again boggled by not only storylines on RAW going nowhere, but the creative being so weak that Vince McMahon doesn’t even have Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar ON THE SAME SHOW, due to lack of knowing how to book their story arc. But, all isn’t doom and gloom in TitanLand, as the former Head Writer of the Attitude Era does put over the Shane McMahon suspension storyline that was told throughout the two hours of Smackdown—even though Vince was HIGHLY disappointed that Shane didn’t knock-out WWE official Rudy Charles. In other news—Vince continues his rant on Vince McMahon forcing his staff both in front of the camera and behind it—to leave their families to work on Christmas Day. BAH—-HUMBUG!!!

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