On this week’s WWE RAW and SmackDown Live review, Vince Russo, Bin Hamin, Jeff Lane, and the fitness guru Stevie Richards dissect the past 5 hours of WWE programming truly not understanding what they are watching. For Example, WHY didn’t John Cena even mention what Braun Strowman did to him last week, let alone try to give him a receipt? HOW does Seth Rollins inject himself in the WWE Title picture–after feuding with Cesaro/Sheamus the last 10 years—simply because he “wants to”? HOW are we supposed to be taking the “Women’s Revolution” seriously when their fake eyelashes are almost longer than their matches? WHEN did Braun Strowman have the time to take cello lessons? And–WHAT fell out of the TV that the Mario Brothers smashed?!!! All these questions answered—AND MORE—on the most ENTERTAINING review show out there!!!

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