BRO – this is TOO MUCH even for Vince Russo! Lazy, Lousy, Lumpy, Lopsided Lane blindsides Vince with TWENTY-THREE Castrations this week!!! Here are some highlights: Dave Meltzer TOTALLY MARKS OUT over Ricochet and Ospreay “LOOKING AT HIM” after their match, then proceeds to say that he refuses to come on THE BRAND because he “doesn’t have the intelligence of an eggplant”, Alvarez BURIES the ’98 Attitude Era, only to be put back in line by Meltzer who sites some REAL numbers, Satin claims that Brand Members “Live in the sewer” ONLY AFTER he once again gets worked by one of his sources, Wade Keller “might” be racist as he just continues to slander Booker T. and good ol’ Marble Mouth just can’t get enough of the WWE’s Ranking System.

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