In a quick attempt at making a few bucks, my son, VJ, has confiscated two legendary WWF Magazines from my collection and posted them on EBAY FOR SALE.  VJ will make a 25% profit on each cover–the same profit Morty Seinfeld gave Kramer on the trench coats.  Both of these epic mags are DUEL signed, one by the Undertaker and Bret “Hit Man” Hart, and the other by Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart when they were in the midst of their epic personal feud!

You can bid on both magazines RIGHT NOW by clicking on the EBAY auction button.  Bret/Taker is the FULL magazine, Shawn/Bret is an original cover.


  1. Nice products Vince, I have these managizes both are full of nostalgia and good reads, obviously I don’t have them signed so they ain’t as cool as these.

    Keep an eye on eBay though, they sneak a decent size fee on at the end of the month.

    • could never offer currency for a wwf/wwe product, my principles won’t allow it. i’ll support russos site, but i economically withdraw myself from anything mcmahon is connected to.

      • Fair enough mate, although I expect these products were given to Russo as he wrote for the magazine so all profits would only ever go to Russo, in theory as McMahon had to pay for this print and I expect never got a penny for it, it would actually make McMahon out of pocket lol

        You could buy knowing you got a copy of his magazine and signed by a wrestler and McMahon didn’t even get a sniff lol

        Tbh I understand your stance as I haven’t paid for a WWE product since 2001, that was the last event I ever attended WWE Rebellion in the UK.